Who is Elrendhel ?


Elrendhel is my Online Alias and Pen Name.


By the way, who are you?


Uh, nobody!   (Ignore the man behind the curtain!)


What is the origin of the name: Elrendhel?


When I was just a young lad, I chanced to play a game called D&D, which is short for Dungeons & Dragons.  D&D was one of the first "Role Playing Games" (RPGs) ever created, and is the progenitor of all of today's fantasy-based games.  Since the user plays a role in the game (thus the "role-playng" aspect mentioned previously), I had to create different characters, and one of them, a half-Elf Paladin was named Elrendhel.  He turned-out to be the character I used most of the time, and I have to admit that I always tried to model my life in pursuit of the "Lawful Good" categorization that my character led.


Why do you continue to use to use the alias Elrendhel ?


All of the various online communities tend to utilize a registration process wherein a new user "creates"  a profile with a new username to identify and differentiate themselves from other existing members, and from a purely statistical standpoint, more often-than-not the username which uses my first name by itself, or a mix of my firstname and lastname were always taken. 

The name Elrendhel is such a unique username that people rarely ever picked a variant of it, either on purpose or by accident.  Thus, the name is generally unused and available for my use whenever I wish to register at a new Online Community.


Where can we find Elrendhel?


Elrendhel can be found online at any of several different online communities. Some are listed below:

  • MobilitySite is my new home online, where I perform Product Reviews and Moderate the forums.
  • GPS Tuner is the website for this GPS "Off-road" navigation solution.  I assist the Developer by providing Technical Writing for his Documentation, help him Moderate his (English speaking) Forums, and provide Techical Support for his userbase in the Forums.
  • Elrendhel is mostly a "single-player" profile that I use for games, so I don't really have much "online" exposure.
  • Elrendhel can be found online in the world of Xbox-Live.  See my GamerCard to the left.
  • MobilityToday is my old home online, where a great many of my previous Product Reviews and feature length Articles can still be found.  After a disagreement with the site owner, I decided to resign my Moderatorship and find a new home online.


Is Elrendhel part of any Gaming Teams?


Elrendhel has been asked to join several different teams, but his alter-ego in the real world has to juggle a full time job, a home-based computer business, and his responsibilities as a Husband, Step-Father, and chief fixer-upper in the household, in addition to those reponsibilities listed above, so he doesn't have nearly as much free time as he would like.  Regretably, this translates to Elrendhel being unavailable to "play" most of the time.   However, he continues to accept requests and may eventually join a Gaming Team in the future.